Reviews in China and Dota Fix

by Wooting - Calder
There's a couple new reviews of the Wooting one out from local reviewers, and I'm super relieved it was received so well.

键盘侠赤瞳妖 -
老王 -

There’s a lot to compete with in China, and you guys have a lot of options when it comes to mechanical keyboards. So it's a relief to hear that our keyboard is well received and the customer feedback has been positive until so far.

That also begs me to ask the question. Do you know any other China-based Hardware/Keyboard Reviewers that you trust and follow? Please let me know!

DOTA glitch fix

That said, not everything ran super gravy. We had a few reports from you guys that the keyboard would cause random scrolling in the DOTA hero selection screen.

After investigation, it looks like Steam added or changed the DirectInput support for DOTA in the latest update and hadn't really tested it well, causing the Wooting one, as a controller, activate keys.

However, there's an easy fix. You need to disable the controller input in the Steam game launch options. 

You can do this by right clicking the game and selecting:

Steam → Properties → Set launch options

Then enter the following:

That's it. You shouldn't encounter the issue anymore, and here's to another reason why we need native analog input support for keyboards.


This active feedback has also lead us to start using our Official WeChat account. Yep, we have a WeChat account.

For now, it's for finding quick information and providing native Chinese support. It's still a work in progress, but a Taiwanese friend of ours will help answer any questions or concerns on it. So feel free to make use of it!

Need you feedback

I just want to emphasise one more time that I would love to get some recommendations for reviewers in China.

Are there any content creators, bloggers, influencers or other that make great reviews that you can trust? I'm all ears.


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    Reviews in China and Dota Fix
    by Wooting - Calder